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Indonesia – Switzerland Digital Health: Expanding Opportunities and Collaboration

January 5, 2021
by Luthfi Mardiansyah

Chapters Indonesia with supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Bern and the Switzerland Embassy in Jakarta/Swiss Business Hub Indonesia, organized two series webinars on digital health; on August 24 and December 4, 2021.

The digital health market is growing rapidly in Indonesia. Digital health revenues are expected to increase in Indonesia from USD 63,5 million in 2017 to USD 726 million in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of over 60%. As with remote working and online learning, consumers have been forced to adapt to a new way of getting medical treatment: virtually. These could result in business opportunities and development of digital health in near future.

It is important to establish a mutual dialogue between the Indonesian authorities and digital health business players as to have conducive environment, continue introducing innovative health technology as to provide larger access and serve patients with high quality care with cost effectiveness.

The dialogues during the two webinars were very intense; speakers from Indonesia Ministry of Health, Public Health Observer, Lawyer, Some Key Digital Health Players both from Indonesia and Switzerland (Alodokter, Biospectal, Calyps, Halodoc, Imito, Sehati Pedia, Sehati TeleCTG and Sophia Genetic) were very engaged and emphasized on what need to be done in development of digital health platform in Indonesia as part of solution in healthcare system improvement both in regulation and infrastructures.

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